Directed by Marianna Korman

Przechowalnia (Repository) is a documentary about an extraordinary actor from Toruń, Niko Niakas.

It is directed by a young debutant, Marianna Korman.
The  inspiration for the film was her friendship with the actor. This feature documentary depicts the story of Niko Niakas, the only actor with Greek roots in Poland, who has been connected with the theatre scene in Toruń for 35 years. The documentary is an original presentation of Niakas’s life, which has been mostly guided by the whimsical Melpomene, a muse of Greek tragedy.


  • Ms Korman met the actor in the Wejściówka cafe near the Wilam Horzyca Theatre, where she worked as a barista. Their conversations inspired her to make the film about this gifted artiste.
  • It is a low-budget production, and was possible to be made thanks to the fundraising website
  • The film premiere took place in the 16th International Film Festival Tofifest.

Information on the film

Przechowalnia / Repository

Poland 2018, 25’

Directing: Marianna Korman, Niko Niakas

Screenplay: Marianna Korman, Niko Niakas

Music: Marcin Partyka

Camerawork: Marianna Korman

Editing: Marianna Korman, Beniamin Gołasz

Producers: Marianna Korman, Niko Niakas

Cast: Niko Niakas, Jorgos Skolias, Ilias Wrazas, Bogdan Hołownia, and others.

Important people

Niko Niakas
Niko Niakas

Niko Niakas