Our region can boast a long and interesting history. It comprises the histories of a several individual historical regions, i.e. Kujawy, Krajna, Pałuki, Dobrzyń Land, Chełmno Land, and the southern parts of Pomerelia, the latter of which are nowadays referred to as the Tuchola Forest and Kociewie.

It is also a history of various ethnic groups and nationalities who in the distant past settled down and lived within the area of this province. Here, Polish settlers coexisted with Germans, Jews, Scots, Russians, and Dutch, inter alia, all of who left their marks on the land, now being discovered by contemporary historians, linguists, and culture historians.

The rich diversity of the cultural and historic heritage of the region of Kujawy and Pomorze reflects its former frontier nature, as back in mediaeval times the area of the contemporary province of Kujawsko-Pomorskie was divided by the borderline between the Kingdom of Poland and the State of the Teutonic Order.  From the end of the 18th Century to 1918 the whole area was divided between two invaders, i.e. Prussia and Tsarist Russia. It was not until the rebirth of independent Poland in the 20th Century that the integration of the entire region and the erasure of civilizational differences between areas which belonged to two strikingly different States back in the 19th Century were finally possible.

Today, the region of Kujawsko-Pomorskie is an area featuring a significant diversity of natural environment, which has brought about the development of various branches of the economy, agriculture in particular. It was agriculture which played a crucial part in the dynamic development of the food sector in the region, later followed by other fields of the economy which developed alongside. Our region is among the leading producers of renewable energies in Poland. Between ten and twenty universities and colleges have been established in the region of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, which has had a great impact on its thriving development, all of which not only provide education for young people, but also carry out scientific research, the significance of which often reaches beyond the borders of Poland.