Directed by Maciej Cuske

Film critics recognised Kuracja as one of the most-interesting Polish documentary films of 2004.  The film Director from Bydgoszcz chose a seemingly trivial topic – the everyday life of spa clients in Ciechocinek. However, contrary to appearances, the protagonists portrayed in the film do not go there to be treated. The real reason behind their arrival in Ciechocinek is the ice-breaking parties and dancing parties, attempts at flirting, and small talk, all of which seem to be just pointless.  “It is a film about the need for contact”, Director Maciej Cuske said in one of his interviews.

On one hand, Kuracja is a genuinely funny film – conversations between people in the film, their social behaviour, and absurd situations, will certainly make you laugh, as they offer a brand of humour we are familiar with, for example thanks to the comedy by Tadeusz Chmielewski.  On the other hand, though, the Director does not ridicule the characters in the film, but portrays them in a manner which is both warm and tragic. The spa clients coming to Ciechocinek are regular people, but most of them are unfulfilled, dreaming of a better life, about closeness, true emotions, but also about joyful erotic adventures.  They come for treatment, in order to live a better, more-complete life, which is different from what they experience every day, even if for just a little while.

Spa clients in Ciechocinek

The entire film was shot in Ciechocinek. The following locations were filmed

  • The Bristol restaurant & café in Zdrojowy Park,
  • Zdrojowy Park itself,
  • The M. Raczyński Spa Hospital  No. 1, ul. Armii Krajowej 6,
  • The green belt along Aleja Armii Krajowej.

Information on the film

Kuracja / The Cure

Poland 2004, 58′

Directed: by Maciej Cuske

Screenplay: Maciej Cuske

Cinematography: Radosław Ładczuk

Music: Tomasz Gwinciński

Produced by: The Wajda School

Selected Awards  

The Krakow Film Festival – the Polish Film Competition – the Certificate of Recognition; Tofifest IFF – the Flisak Award of the President of Toruń – the Audience Award; the Węgiel Film Festival – 3rd Prize; and others.

Important people

Cuske Maciej
Cuske Maciej

Cuske Maciej