Tu było kino

Directed by Krzysztof Nowicki

Tu było kino is not only a film dedicated to former cinemas in Bydgoszcz of which there used to be more than twenty, in the last Century.

The film by Krzysztof Nowicki is first and foremost a story about passing, and a journey to the world of human memories.

The author of the film brings two chairs taken from the former Pomorzanin cinema to all the locations where there used to be cinemas in Bydgoszcz, inviting passers-by to sit and talk to him.

The former cinemas in Bydgoszcz

The previous location of the Pomorzanin cinema at ul. Gdańska 10 is the leitmotif of the entire film by Krzysztof Nowicki.

The film was shot on several locations of former cinemas in Bydgoszcz at the spot of the former Słońce cinema in the district of Górzyskowo, at the former Mimoza cinema near the Grunwaldzkie roundabout, at the former Robotnik cinema in the district of Fordon (which later changed its name to Wisła), which was located in the building of a former synagogue, and finally at the former location of the Gryf cinema on ul. Śniadeckich, andr the Wolność cinema on ul. Gdańska.


  • The Pomorzanin cinema in Bydgoszcz used to be one of the most-quintessential cinemas in the city.  It was built in 1914, and its name at the time was Kristall-Palast. The building could accommodate around 800 people. It was closed in 2003.

Information on the film

Tu było kino

Poland 2011, 31′

Directed by: Krzysztof Nowicki

Screenplay: Krzysztof Nowicki

Cinematography: Krzysztof Nowicki, Hubert Trzewiński

Music: Artur Maćkowiak

Produced by: Grupa Filmowa Koloroffon

Selected Awards

The Two Riversides Film and Art Festival – nomination – participation in the Independent Short Film Competition; and others.