Directed by Ryszard Kruk

The independent documentary by Ryszard Kruk, which won numerous awards both in Poland and abroad, is a beautiful and nostalgic story about the unavoidable passing, loneliness, and great commitment to one’s work. Ryszard Kruk made this documentary film in 2008 and it featured excellent cinematography and music.

During the making of the film, Henryk Janicki was 77 years old, and was celebrating his 50th anniversary as a taxi driver. He is a cult figure to everyone who had the privilege of knowing him. He would always be neatly dressed, have impeccable manners, and crack jokes.  He was adored by the people of Toruń, with his hair touched with grey, and the impeccably clean Fiat 125P he used to drive. His car had no dangling key rings, there was no loud music inside, and passengers would never have to suffer any nervousness or reckless driving on his part.

Toruń in the film by Ryszard Kruk

Many locations in Toruń were used in the film, including  – the New-Town Market Square, the Leaning Tower of Toruń, the taxi rank at the Wilam Horzyca Theatre, the Józef Piłsudski Bridge, Bydgoskie Przedmieście (Bydgoskie Suburbs – buildings with clapboards), the Rubinkowo Housing Estate, and Przedmieście Chełmińskie (the Chełmińskie Suburbs).


  • In 2008, a collection of money was organised in an effort to save from being scrapped the legendary Fiat 125P owned by Henryk Janicki. It evoked a response which exceeded one’s wildest expectations. With the collected money, it was possible to buy the car and salvage a piece of Toruń’s cultural heritage from destruction. The full collected sum was used to support Henryk Janicki.
  • One year after making the film, the taxi driver gave up his taxi licence and bade farewell to the profession for good. The direct reason for that was fear for his life. The elderly gentleman had already been robbed four times.

Information on the film

Taksówkarz / Taxi Driver

Poland 2008, 24′

Directed by: Ryszard Kruk

Cinematography: Ryszard Kruk, Barbara Klein

Produced by: Kruk Multimedia

Selected Awards

The Tourfilm Brazil Festival; Festiwal UFFoA (the Festival of Amateur Films) in Ustka; the KULT OFF KINO Festival in TVP Kultura – the Audience Award; the Opolskie Lamy Film Festival; the Offeliada Festival in Gniezno; the HAPPY END Festival in Rzeszów; and others.

Important people

Kruk Ryszard
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Kruk Ryszard