Stępkowski Jerzy

He was born in 1954, in Włocławek. He was an actor, teacher, and theatre director.

In 1976, he graduated from the Acting Department of the Aleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in Warsaw. The same year, Jerzy Stępkowski started working as an actor at the Drama Theatre in Warsaw.Later on, he went on to work at the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Częstochowa (in the years 1976-1977), the Cyprian Norwid Theatre in Jelenia Góra (on the years 1977-1978), the Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz (in the years 1978-1980 and 1986-1987), Jan Kochanowski Popular Theatre in Radom (in the years 1980-1982 and 1986-1993), the National Theatre in Warsaw (in the years 193-1986), and at the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Olsztyn (in the years 2001-2002), respectively.

In 1991, Jerzy Stępkowski was offered the position of an artistic director at Teatr Impresaryjny in Włocławek, which was established only year earlier (in 1990). He was also involved in educational and pedagogic activities. For example, he worked as an academic teacher at the Aleksander Sewruk Post-Secondary Acting School in Olsztyn (2002), then, in the years 2002-2005, he was the director of Edukacyjne Studium Artystyczno-Literackie ,,Trade” in Warsaw. Later on, in the years 2009-2010, he worked as an academic teacher at the Department of the Humanities of the Radom branch of the Maria Curie-Skłodowska University, in the field of Polish studies. He also pursued his passion for journalism and worked for the local media, writing theatre reviews.

Jerzy Stępkowski appeared in countless films. In 1980, he was starred in ,,Tango ptaka” / ,,Bird’s Tango” (1980) directed by Andrzej Jurga. In 1989, he played in the TV series ,,Modrzejewska” directed by Jan Łomnicki.

He died on 26th January, 2021.


Selected Filmography

  • 1980 – ,,Tango ptaka” / “Bird’s Tango”, dir. by Andrzej Jurga
  • 1989 – ,,Modrzejewska”, dir. by Jan Łomnicki (TV series)
  • 2016 – ,,Ania”, dir. by Adam Hartwiński, Dora Laszlo-Gulyas (film-school exercise)


Selected Awards

1987 – Honorary badge Meritorious Activist of Culture