Rouba Paweł

Paweł Rouba was born on 4th September 1939, in Inowrocław. He was a mime artist. His talent and bodily beauty was a delight for the eyes. He was the author of unforgettable pantomime performances.

Paweł Rouba graduated from the University School of Physical Education in Wrocław and was also an avid athlete. He practised rowing, weightlifting and horse riding. In the years 1959-1973, he performed on stage of the National Pantomime Studio at Dramatic Theatres in Wrocław. He joined the theatre troupe established by Henryk Tomaszewski, founder and director of the National Pantomime Studio, who is now considered the creator of a group mime theatre and a new form of performing art under the name ‘Movement Theatre’. Paweł Rouba was certainly among the most outstanding actors to have ever performed in that theatre. His greatest pantomime performance was “Gilgamesh”.

The actor had also three film roles. First, he appeared in ,,Tajemnica Wielkiego Krzysztofa” (1972) directed by Mieczysław Waśkowski. Then, in 1974, in the great epic drama ,,Potop” / “The Deluge” directed by Jerzy Hoffman, and finally, also in 1974, in the drama ,,Gniazdo” / “The Nest” directed by Jan Rybkowski, which portrayed the Battle of Cedynia.

In mid-1970s, Paweł Rouba immigrated to Spain. He settled in Barcelona and changed acting and pantomime performances to a regular job as an academic teacher, at the local Theatre Institute of Barcelona.

He died on 4th March 2007, in Barcelona.


Selected Filmography

  • 1972 –,,Tajemnica wielkiego Krzysztofa”, dir. by Mieczysław Waśkowski
  • 1974 – ,,Potop” / “The Deluge”, dir. by Jerzy Hoffman
  • 1974 – ,,Gniazdo” / “The Nest”, dir. by Jan Rybkowski