Obywatel miłości

Directed by Wojciech Skrobiszewski

Obywatel Miłość (Citizen Love) is a bold, honest, and intimate story by Anna Skrobiszewska, about her long-lasting relationship with Grzegorz Ciechowski, an outstanding artiste, songwriter, composer, and singer.

It is an emotional and very-personal story, which sheds new light on Ciechowski, so makes for a better understanding of his work and life choices.
The film uses archival materials which had never been made public before, showing the artiste from a different perspective: we can see Grzegorz as a man about the house, a father, and a husband.

The film is the directing debut of Wojciech Skrobiszewski, Anna’s present husband.
Obywatel miłość is an independent, low-budget, production made by a group of three friends.

Apart from the last scene, the film was entirely made in the Old Town in Toruń.

Information on the film

Obywatel miłość / Citizen Love

Poland 2018, 70’

Directing: Wojciech Skrobiszewski

Artistic setting: Marta Wierzbicka-Dąbek

Shooting: Wojciech Skrobiszewski and Paweł Drygalski

Editing: Paweł Drygalski

Music: Radosław Gmurkowski

Sound: Radosław Gmurkowski

Production: Zaczarowane studio filmowe cOFFee & grunge

Cast: Anna Skrobiszewska

Important people

Ciechowski Grzegorz

Ciechowski Grzegorz