Marwiński Bernard

The dates and places of Marwiński’s birth and death remain unknown.
He was a Director, a film Producer and a Production Executive.

For several years he studied in a film school abroad and worked at various studios, such as UFA, Therra-Film and Phobus-Film in Berlin.* In 1929, he founded the only film studio in Toruń under the full name of Pierwsza Pomorska Wytwórnia Filmowa Marwin-Film (The First Pomeranian Film Studio Marwin-Film). The premises of Marwin-Film – reputedly the best-equipped studios in Poland – were situated in the so-called Victoria Park (today’s corner of Legionów Street and Grudziądzka Street).* Significantly, this was also the place where wandering cinematographers put on their shows from 1987, and where the first permanent cinema in Toruń was located in 1907. His film studio produced only one motion picture – a comedy of manners entitled Panienka z chmur/The Young Lady from the Clouds, directed by Marwiński himself. It was filmed in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province – Toruń, Chełmża, Pluskowęsy and other locations.

In 1930, the studio started to prepare for the filming of another picture, Droga grzechu/Sin’s Way, which was intended to depict the fight against human traffickers. The film was to be set in Warsaw, Gdynia, Gdańsk, Sopot, Berlin, Paris, and Buenos Aires.
Ultimately, the film was never made, since shortly after the production started, the film studio went bankrupt due to financial problems. Marwiński remained in the film industry for several years, producing short films. The recovered data indicates that he worked on two more feature films – Przeor Kordecki – Obrońca Częstochowy/Prior Kordecki – the Defender of the Jasna Góra Monastery (as an assistant to the Director, Edward Puchalski), in 1934, and Fredek uszczęśliwia świat/Fredek Makes the World Happy (as the cinematographer), directed by Zbigniew Ziembiński, in 1936.

Marwiński’s fate after that point is unknown. However, it can be assumed with a high degree of probability that he and a soldier of Armia Krajowa (the Home Army) – Bernard Marwiński, codename “Marwiński”, who in 1943 worked for the Photography Department of the Bureau of Information and Propaganda of the Headquarters of Armia Krajowa as a photographer of the fight of the Polish underground – were one and the same person. It is corroborated by the fact that the Department employed primarily professional photojournalists, former film makers and cinematographers, and the Toruń native was undoubtedly one of them.

Selected filmography

  • 1931 – „Panienka z chmur“/„The Young Lady from the Clouds”
  • 1950 – „Przetwórstwo ziemniaczane”/„Potato Processing”

* Based on information provided publicly by Mr Marwiński.

Panienka z chmur
Panienka z chmur 1

Panienka z chmur

Directed by Bernard Marwiński

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Panienka z chmur
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Panienka z chmur

Directed by Bernard Marwiński

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