Kron Gustaw

Gustaw Kron, a theatre and film actor, was born on 28th October 1930, in Grudziądz. He was a son of Edmund Kron, an actor and director, who adopted a stage name of “Karski”, and the director of the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Częstochowa, in the years 1951-1962.

Being only 22, Gustaw Kron started playing at the Adam Mickiewicz Theatre in Częstochowa (in the years 1952-1956), and continued for a number of years on the stage of Teatr Ludowy and at the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Cracow. In 1969, he transferred to the Polish Theatre in Wrocław, and then, three years later, went to Warsaw to start working at the STUDIO Theatre Gallery. In the years 1976-1990, he was part of the troupe of actors at the National Theatre in Warsaw.

Gustaw Kron started appearing in films as early as in 1958, and his début role was painter Rydel in Kalosze szczęścia. Gustaw Kron became popular for his appearance in the TV series 07 zgłoś się, by Krzysztof Szmagier, in which he played Henryk Jagodziński, a man who killed his wife and sister-in-law. He was also featured in Pan na Żuławach/The Lord of Żuławy Land, a TV production portraying the post-war life of people living in the region of Żuławy, in which he played a restaurant owner, Mr Tokarski. Gustaw Kron was also cast in the popular TV series Stawka większa niż życie/More Than Life at Stake, as Lieutenant Walter.

The portfolio of Gustaw Kron’s film characters also features the role of General Józef Malczewski in the historic TV drama Zamach stanu, and a lawyer in the historic film Republika nadziei (1968). One year later, he was cast for the role of baron Zbigniew Kuźmiński in the costume drama Między ustami a brzegiem pucharu/Between the Cup and the Lip, being an adaptation of a novel under the same title.

The actor died on 13th January 2016, in Warsaw.

Selected Filmography

  • 1958 – “Kalosze szczęścia” (TV series), dir. by Antoni Bohdziewicz
  • 1968 – “Stawka większa niż życie”/”More Than Life at Stake” (TV series, ep.16)
  • 1980 –  “Zamach stanu”, dir. by Ryszard Filipski
  • 1981 – “07 zgłoś się” (TV series, ep. 12)
  • 1984 – “Czas dojrzewania”/”Maturing Time”, dir. by Mieczysław Waśkowski
  • 1984 – “Pan na Żuławach”/”The Lord of Żuławy Land” (TV series)
  • 1986 – “Republika nadziei”, dir. by Zbigniew Kuźmiński
  • 1987 – “Między ustami a brzegiem pucharu”/”Between the Cup and the Lip”, dir. by Zbigniew Kuźmiński

Selected Awards

12th Kalisz Theatre Meetings – Award of the Second Degree for acting in stage play “Końcówka”/”Endgame”.