Gdy przyjdzie mi ten świat porzucić

Directed by Mateusz Buława

The film depicts one day in the life of a cremation facility.
Movies Bulawayo, a 19-year-old film Director, invites viewers on a journey to the boundaries of the earthly world, and death, at the same time being as delicate and respectful as such a difficult topic requires.

The film documents the difficult everyday ordeal of the staff at the Włodzimierz Wełnowski Funeral Home in Bydgoszcz, which sometimes calls for a steely temperament, as they have to reconcile the life dramas of their clients with soulless but necessary bureaucratic procedures. As patient and empathic as they might seem to be, they open up and talk honestly about their work.

Bydgoszcz seen from a different perspective

The film was shot at the headquarters of the Włodzimierz Wełnowski 24h Funeral Services in Bydgoszcz, at ul. Wysokotonowy 20, and in Poznański Square.


In 2013, Mateusz Buława filmed The Hospital of Butterflies, a multi-award-winning film about young boys fighting with cancer at the Oncology Centre in Bydgoszcz.

Information on the film

Gdy przyjdzie mi ten świat porzucić / When it comes to me this world I will abandon

Poland 2015, 10′

Directed by: Mateusz Buława

Produced by: Bydgoska Kronika Filmowa (The Municipal Cultural Centre in Bydgoszcz)

Cast: Dariusz Bethke, Damian Sobiczewski, Włodzimierz Wełnowski

Selected Awards

The Film Festival in Skierniewice – The Apple Pie Main Prize; the 7th edition of Praski Festiwal Filmów Młodzieżowych (The Praga Festival of Films by Young Directors) in Warsaw – a special prize from the Ekspres Reporterów magazine; the 13th edition of the Film Festival at Jan Kochanowski Secondary School No. 28 in Warsaw – the Grand Prix; the Dozwolone do 21 Film Festival in Warsaw – the Grand Prix; the KLAPS Amateur Filmmaker Contest  in Bygdoszcz – 1st prize; the Tofifest IFF – participation in the Lokalizacje competition; Ogólnopolski Konkurs Filmów Niezależnych OKFA (The OKFA All-Poland Independent Film Competition) in Konin – 3rd prize; and others.

Important people

Buława Mateusz
Mateusz Buława

Buława Mateusz