Fundacja Kultura

Directed by Rafał Kapeliński

This is a nostalgic and small independent film, featuring outstanding performances by Zbigniew Zamachowski and Krzysztof Kiersznowski, directed by Rafał Kapeliński, from Toruń.

The film was initially made in 2007, as a medium-length film entitled Ballada o Piotrowskim/The Ballad of Piotrowski. Two years later, the Director decided to re-edit it and shorten to 30 minutes.
It is a story about Mr Marek (played by Krzysztof Kiersznowski), who is generally considered a loser, but decides to change his life and pursue his own dreams of starting up a hairdresser’s salon.

In Nieszawa

The film was shot in Nieszawa, mainly by the Vistula wharfs, where the “seat” of the Cultural Foundation and the hairdresser’s salon owned by Piotrowski are situated in the film.


  • In 2007, a longer 60-minute version of The Ballad of Piotrowski was distributed for screening and festival purposes.
  • The film was shot in November 2006.
  • In the film, we see Magdalena Popławska and Jacek Borusiński from the Mumio cabaret making their début on the silver screen.

Information on the film

Fundacja Kultura

Poland 2009, 30′

Directed by: Rafał Kapeliński

Screenplay: Rafał Kapeliński

Cinematography: Paweł Dyllus

Music: Zbigniew Malecki

Producer: Rafał Kapeliński, Piotr Ledwig, Mary Melinda Ziemer

Produced by: Aurora Film Production

Cast: Krzysztof Kiersznowski, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Elżbieta Jarosik, Magdalena Popławska, Jacek Borusiński, and others.

Selected Awards

The New Horizons International Film Festival – Special Mention in the New Films from Poland competition; the Babie Lato Filmowe Film Festival in Trzyniec – the Students’ Award, and others.

Important people

Kapeliński Rafał

Kapeliński Rafał