Chojecka Barbara

She was born on 18th December 1921, in Grudziądz. She was a theatre and film actress, as well as a prompter.

In 1963, she passed an external acting exam in Warsaw. During her acting career, she most often performed in theatres in Łódź. She performed on stage of Teatr 7.15 and the New Theatre (the latter in the years 1962-1963) in Łódź. Then, starting in the season 1974-1975, she started working at the New Theatre as a prompter, which she continued until her retirement in 1982.

Barbara Chojecka was also a film actress. She was cast in three films directed by Antoni Krauze, namely ,,Palec boży” /”The Finger of God” (1972), ,,Podróż do Arabii””/”A Trip to Arabia” (1979) and ,,Prognoza pogody”/”The Weather Forecast” (1982). In 1985, she played in the film ,,Przez dotyk”/”By Touch”, a directing début from Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, which was showered with awards at film festivals in Poland and abroad. The film was a part of a larger fictional series under the title ,,Kronika wypadków”, in which Grażyna Szapołowska gave a heart-breaking performance, as Anna. After that, Barbara Chojecka was cast in ,,Głód”/ “Hunger” directed by Jacek Kowalczyk (1985). She appeared on the silver screen for the very last time in 1991, in the comedy ,,Rozmowy kontrolowane”/ Controlled Conversations” directed by Sylwester Chęciński.

The actress died on 21st July 1993, in Łódź.

Selected Filmography

  • 1970 – ,,Pejzaż z bohaterem”/”Landscape with a Hero”, dir. by Włodzimierz Haupe
  • 1972 – ,,Palec boży”/”The Finger of God”, dir. by Antoni Krauze
  • 1979 – ,,Podróż do Arabii”/”A Trip to Arabia”, dir. by Antoni Krauze
  • 1982 – ,,Wyłap”/”Aging Youngsters”, dir. by Henryk Dederko
  • 1982 – ,,Prognoza pogody”/”The Weather Forecast”, dir. by Antoni Krauze
  • 1983 – ,,Dom świętego Kazimierza”/”House of St Casimir”, dir. by Ignacy Gogolewski
  • 1985 – ,,Kronika wypadków – Przez Dotyk” /”By Touch”, dir. by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
  • 1985 – ,,Głód”/”Hunger”, dir. by Jacek Kowalczyk
  • 1991 – ,,Rozmowy kontrolowane”/”Controlled Conversations”, dir. by Sylwester Chęciński