Ziggy Dust

Directed by Ryszard Kruk

“Ziggy Dust” is a story about Zbyszek Cołbecki, from Toruń, an unconventional man and a unique personality.

The director takes the audience for a journey through the life of the main protagonist, starting in the late 1970s, until today. Back in the 1980s, Ziggy Dust was the founder and guitarist of punk-rock band Bikini, then became a watchmaker, a DJ, later an migrant by choice, and finally “Ziggy Dust – The Dancing Street Cleaner” in London, the latter of which did not escape the attention of the international media, such as CNN and the BBC.

Guests-witnesses are an important element in this film by Ryszard Kruk. He selected them carefully from among the people important for the music and cultural scenes, both in Toruń and in Poland generally. They are  Kazik Staszewski and his wife Anna Staszewska, who sang in the band Bikini; Yach Paszkiewicz, who produced video clips for “Ziggy”; showman Paweł “Konjo” Konnak; Waldemar Rudziecki, the legendary Director of the first Od Nowa Academic Centre; and Wojtek Gałek, Director of the cult Pod Aniołem Artistic Club, which no longer exists.

The Toruń of Ziggy Dust

  • In the film, one can see various locations in Toruń, which Zbyszek Cołbecki used to frequent. We see him jogging in Bydgoski Park and on the Józef Piłsudski Bridge, and then on ul. Podmurna, where we can also take a closer look at the watchmaker’s shop belonging to his family.
    Some of the shoots were also done in the apartment where Ziggy lives.
  • In addition, a selected number of scenes were shot in the Sports Arena on ul.  Bema, in Dolina Marzeń (The Valley of Dreams), the park in Bydgoskie Przedmieście (Bydgoskie Outskirts), in the Rapacki Square
    and the Philadelpia Boulevard, in the Pod Aniołem Club, in the Old Town Hall, in the Od Nowa Academic Centre for Culture and Art, and the Fonte café, located on ul. Warszawska.
  • In addition to the scenes filmed in Toruń, the film features the complex of graduation towers in Ciechocinek, as a background to the half-marathon scene. Both the organisers of the half marathon and the local authorities in Ciechocinek helped the filmmakers to shoot the scenes.

Information on the film

Ziggy Dust

Poland 2015, 46′

Screenplay and Direction: Ryszard Kruk

Cinematography: Adam Fisz

Producer: Ryszard Kruk

Cast: Zbigniew Cołbecki, Robert Brylewski, Julian Cołbecki, Yach Paszkiewicz, Kazik Staszewski, Wojciech Gałek, and others.

Selected Awards

The Prowincjonalia All-Poland Film Art Festival 2016 – Official Selection; Tofifest IFF – The Golden Angel Award in the “Lokalizacje” competition; the Krakow Film Festival 2016 – the Panorama of Polish Cinema, and others.




Important people

Kruk Ryszard
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Kruk Ryszard