dir. Ryszard Kruk

The word ‘wystawka’ has the following meanings:
– a diminutive word to describe an art exhibition;
– various items left in front of a house for others to collect;
– usually pieces of furniture and other objects somebody finds useless and unwanted, but which can be desired and valuable to those willing to give them a second life;
– deceive somebody, stand them up.

This film directed by a native of Toruń Ryszard Kruk is a story about a young painter, Jerzy, looking for his own path in life and his artistic career, and a couple in love, who are about to graduate from a university in Toruń. It is also about the process of growing up that questions one’s attitude to life.

Release information

Poland 2022, 21’

Directed by: Ryszard Kruk
Screenplay by: Ryszard Kruk
Cinematography by: Piotr Bartos
Production by: Ryszard Kruk
Cast: Robert Mróz, Klaudia Janas, Paulina Napora, Paweł Tchórzelski.


Important people

Kruk Ryszard
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Kruk Ryszard