Wierzejska Zofia

Zofia Wierzejska was born on 6th January (or 8th February) 1886, in Toruń. She was a theatre and film actress.

She started her theatre career in 1906, when she performed in stage plays created by Towarzystwo Miłośników Sceny in Kiev, and in the ‘Figliki’ cabaret from Kraków. Before the First World War, Zofia Wierzejska was a performer for travelling theatres. She also worked for various theatres in Łódź, Warsaw, and Vienna. In 1919, she started working for the Polish Theatre in Poznań, where she continued to perform until 1931. Later on, she worked for theatres in Lviv and Katowice. In 1948, Zofia Wierzejska returned to Poznań, and remained loyal to the Polish Theatre there, until the end of her professional career.

She was also cast in three films, all of which were made before the outbreak of the Second World War. Sadly, none of them have been preserved.

Zofia Wierzejska died on 18th June 1957, in Poznań.


Selected Filmography

  • 1913 – Wykolejeni, dir. by Kazimierz Kamiński
  • 1938 – Granica, dir. by Józef Lejtes
  • 1938 – Florian, dir. by Leonard Buczkowski