Who wants to be scammed?”

Directed by Leszek Ciechoński

The short documentary looks at the activities of three associations which, under the guise of helping victims of road accidents and domestic violence, carried out financial machinations.

Region in the film
Rypin, Brodnica

Information on the film

Who wants to be scammed?
Poland 2003, 14′

Directed by: Leszek Ciechoński

Screenplay: Leszek Ciechoński

Cinematography: Radosław Zawadzki, Remigiusz Zawadzki, Adam Zdunek

Music: Mateusz Józefowicz

Editing: Michał Prewysz-Kwinto

Producer: Marek Żydowicz

Produced by: Fundacja Tumult


Important people

Zawadzki Remigiusz
Remigiusz Zawadzki_foto

Zawadzki Remigiusz

Żydowicz Marek
Marek Żydowicz zdjęcie

Żydowicz Marek