dir.Ryszard Kruk

‘Taxi Driver’ is a short film inspired by the documentary ‘Taksówkarz / Taxi Driver’  directed by Ryszard Kruk.
It is a story about a Mr Staszek, who lives and works in Toruń. He lives a seemingly ordinary life. As a taxi driver with decades long experience in this profession, he is a very popular person among the city residents, and has many loyal customers. Each of his days is filled with work. He also has a very old friend and they often hook up. Regardless of all that, he is a very lonely man. ‘Taxi Driver’ is a film about human fate and the passing of life, about old age and loneliness in the world of today, and also about broken family bonds and the issues that creates. The loss of the one you love and the lack of understanding shown by the closest to you, who are too self-centred and focused on their own needs to notice you, are but two of the most bitter notions to be found in the film. Against all odds, our protagonist will find his happiness in the end. The film is an occasion to ask questions about the meaning and quality of life.

Release information

Taksiarz / Taxi Driver
Poland, 2021, 15′

Directed by: Ryszard Kruk
Screenplay by: Ryszard Kruk
Cinematography by: Piotr Bartos
Production by: Ryszard Kruk
Cast: Jan Nowicki, Dominika Miękus, Ireneusz Maciejewski, Jacek Pietruski, and others.


Important people

Kruk Ryszard
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Kruk Ryszard

Nowicki Jan
Jan Nowicki kadr Wielki Szu

Nowicki Jan