Suszyński Zbigniew

Zbigniew Suszyński, a popular film, theatre and voice actor, born on 26 July 1961 in Rypin, Poland. While still a child, he attended classes at the local youth club, where he first became interested in theatre and poetry.

In 1987 Suszyński graduated from the Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television, and Theatre in Łódź Acting Faculty. He made his theatre debut in 1986 as Orlando in As You Like It, staged by Teatr Studyjny’83 in Łódź. In 1987 he started cooperation with the Stefan Jaracz Theatre in Łódź, and then with several theatres in Warsaw, i.e. the Nowy Theatre, Scena Prezentacje, Tadeusz Łomnicki Na Woli Theatre and Współczesny Theatre, where he has been performing since 1993.

His first TV series was Jan Serce (1981). Following a few minor supporting parts, e.g. in ,,Ślady wilczych zębów” (“The End of the Lonely Farm Berghof”) (1983), Sam pośród swoich (“Alone Among His Own”) (1985), and ,,Prywatne śledztwo” (“Private Investigation”) (1986), he rose to prominence with his portrayal of the protagonist in ,,Ostatni dzwonek” (“Last Call”) (1989). The film, directed by Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, won the Full-length Feature Debut Contest at “The Young and Film” Festival in Koszalin in 1989.

Suszyński has since starred in numerous films, including full-length productions such as Samowolka (A.W.O.L.) (1993) and ,,Pożegnanie z Marią” (“Farewell to Maria”) (1993). Another milestone in his career was the part of Scorpio in ,,Młode wilki” (“Smugglers”) (1995) Dir. Jarosław Żamojda. Two years later, the film’s prequel, ,,Młode wilki 1/2″ (“Smugglers 1/2″), was produced, with Suszyński portraying a gangster once again. In 2000 the actor played in Andrzej Wajda’s ,,Wyrok na Franciszka Kłosa” (“Franciszek Kłos’ Death Sentence”) (2000) and the cult E=mc2 (2002).

Zbigniew Suszyński is also well known for his roles in TV series, including ,,Ucieczka z miejsc ukochanych” (“Escape from Beloved Places”) (1987), ,,40-latek. 20 lat później” (“Being Forty. Twenty Years Later”) (1993), ,,Klan” (“Clan”) (1997- 2019), ,,Samo życie” (“Such is Life”) (2002-2010), ,,Na Wspólnej” (“On Wspólna Street”) (2003-2019), ,,Pierwsza miłość” (“First Love”) (2004- 2019), Prawo Agaty (“True Law”) (2014), ,,Barwy szczęścia” (“Colours of Happiness”) (2015), ,,Druga szansa” (“Second Chance – What Matters Most?”) (2016) ,,Leśniczówka” (lit.” Forester’s Lodge”) (2018-2019), and ,,Ślepnąc od świateł” (“Blinded by the Lights”) (2018).

Through his roles in ,,E=mc2″ and ,,Młode wilki” (“Smugglers”), and his portrayal of the lawyer in ,,Adam I Ewa” (“Adam and Eve”) TV series, he is perceived as a villain in the Polish cinema.

He has lent his voice to more than 200 films, TV series, and computer games. His voice can be heard in the most-popular productions, including all parts of ,,Shrek”, in which he voiced Prince Charming, and “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” (1999), ,,Madagaskar” (“Madagascar”) (2005), ,,Epoka Lodowcowa 2″ (“Ice Age: The Meltdown”) (2006), ,,Kung Fu Panda” (2008), ,,Hotel Transylwania” (“Hotel Transylvania”) (2012), ,,Łotr 1: Gwiezdne wojny – Historie” (“Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”) (2016), and ,,Tarzan: Legenda” (“The Legend of Tarzan”) (2016).

Selected filmography

  • 1981 – „Jan Serce” (TV series)
  • 1983 – „Ślady wilczych zębów”/”The End of the Lonely Farm Berghof” dir. Jiří Svoboda
  • 1986 – „ESD” dir. Anna Sokołowska
  • 1987 – „Ucieczka z miejsc ukochanych”/”Escape from Beloved Places” (TV series)
  • 1989 – „Ostatni dzwonek”/”Last Call” dir. Magdalena Łazarkiewicz
  • 1993 – „Pożegnanie z Marią”/”Farewell to Maria” dir. Filip Zylber
  • 1993 – „40-latek. 20 lat później”/”Being Forty. Twenty Years Later” (TV series)
  • 1994 – „Jest jak jest”/”It Is What It Is” (TV series)
  • 1995 – “Młode wilki”/”Smugglers” dir. Jarosław Żamojda
  • 1997 – „Młode wilki 1/2″/”Smugglers 1/2″ dir. Jarosław Żamojda
  • 1997–2019 – „Klan”/”Clan” (TV series)
  • 2000 – „M jak miłość“/”L for Love” (TV series)
  • 2000-2001 – „Adam i Ewa”/”Adam and Eve” (TV series)
  • 2000 – „Wyrok na Franciszka Kłosa”/”Franciszek Kłos’ Death Sentence” dir. Andrzej Wajda
  • 2002 – „E= MC2″ dir. Olaf Lubaszenko
  • 2003–2019 – „Na wspólnej”/”On Wspólna Street” (TV series)
  • 2005–2007 – „Biuro kryminalne”/”Criminal Bureau” (TV series)
  • 2009 – „Czas honoru”/”Time of Honour” (TV series)
  • 2016 – „Druga szansa”/”Second Chance” (TV series)
  • 2018 – „Drogi wolności”/”Paths of Freedom” (TV series)
  • 2018 – „Ślepnąc od świateł”/”Blinded by the Lights” (TV series)
Prawo Agaty
Dygant, Schejbal i Sokołowska na planie 'Prawa Agaty'5

Prawo Agaty

Directed by Maciej Migas, Patrick Yoka, Filip Zylber, Jacek Borcuch, and Xawery Żuławski

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Prawo Agaty
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Prawo Agaty

Directed by Maciej Migas, Patrick Yoka, Filip Zylber, Jacek Borcuch, and Xawery Żuławski

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M jak miłość
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M jak miłość

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