Samochodzik i Templariusze

Directed by Hubert Drapella

This TV series portrays a group of young friends accompanied by Mr Tomasz, the main protagonist in the film – a historian, detective, and museologist. Together, they want to go deeper into the subject of the Knights Templar, and find their legendary treasure. They set off on a journey full of incredible and breathtaking adventures.

For several-dozen years now, the Adventures of Pan Samochodzik has been a must-read for young enthusiasts of sensation. Millions of readers are perfectly familiar with the bizarre vehicle and its owner, who happens to be an expert in saving treasures and solving riddles from the past. On 20th February 1972, the  Samochodzik i Templariusze (Samochodzik and the Knights Templar) film series had its première on Polish Television. It was based on a best-selling novel for young readers, written by Zbigniew Nienacki, in 1966.

Pan Samochodzik was played Stanisław Mikulski, who was back then already a shining film star, thanks to the role of Hans Kloss in the Stawka większa niż życie/More Than Life at Stake TV series.

Castle and Lakes 

The castle shown in the series is situated  “somewhere in the Suwałki Lake District”. However, the film crew did not even go to the region of Suwałki. In reality, the outdoor locations used in the film series were found in Radzyń Chełmiński and in Okonin near Grudziądz.
The only location chosen outside our region was Malbork.

The film castle is “played” by the ruins of the Teutonic castle in Radzyn Chełmiński, which used to be one of the most-powerful fortresses of the State of the Teutonic Order. Only the ruins of the fortress remain to this day. Some of the shots in the series were taken inside the preserved castle chapel, which retained its original responds, trusses, and capitals. The mentioned ruins are the place where the main characters in the film series go to look for secret signs of the Templars which might lead to the treasure. Quite interestingly, not a long time ago one of such signs could still be seen on one of the castle walls, painted by the film crew for the purposes of filming the series.

In the last two episodes, the filmmakers used the old Gothic church situated in Okonin near Grudziądz.  Most of the scenes taking place in the fictional  “church in Kortumowo” were shot just there. A number of the scenes were also filmed in the Gothic church in Radzyń Chełmiński.

One of the outdoor locations quoted as being used in the film series is the Wieldządzkie Lake situated in the village of Wieldządz, a few kilometeres from Radzyń. According to some sources, they are in fact the Gawłowicie and Mełno Lakes.


  • The complete list of episodes includes 1.  Po przygodę 2.  Fałszywy brodacz, 3.  Tajemnica Bahometa, 4.  Podziemny labirynt, and 5.  Skarb Templariuszy.
  • Two VW Schwimmwagen vehicles were used as the amphibian vehicle of Pan Samochodzik. One of them sank in a lake during filming.
    The other one is now on exhibition at the  “Panzer-Farm” in Chrcynno near Nasielsk, which is both a private museum of military technology and the  Ares Collection of Military Vehicles.
  • The baptismal font found in  “the church in Kortumowo” was actually filmed in the church in Radzyń, and never really existed.  It was made for the purposes of the film.
  • During filming, actors lived with actual residents of Radzyń Chełmiński.
  • The residents of Radzyń were often involved in playing episodic roles, for which they would get paid 8-10 PLN per hour.
  • Each year, an Expedition retraces the footsteps of Pan Samochodzik and Knights Templar.

Information on the film

Samochodzik i Templariusze  / Samochodzik and the Knights Templar

Poland 1972, TV series

Directed by: Hubert Drapella

Screenplay: Zbigniew Nienacki

Cinematography: Wacław Dybowski

Music: Piotr Marczewski

Produced by: Zespół Filmowy  Nike

Cast: Stanisław Mikulski, Grażyna Marzec, Ewa Szykulska, Danuta Szaflarska, Roman Mosior, Stefan Niemierowski, and others.

Radzyń Chełmiński 
Radzyn 2

Radzyń Chełmiński 

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