dir. Karolina Ford

Film director Karolina Ford set the story in a declining manor located in a small village. The manor is still inhabited by an elderly couple. Both the manor and the couple’s passionate affection for one another are well past their prime. One day, their granddaughter with her fiancé pay a visit to them. As a doctor-to-be, the fiancé takes care of the grandpa who suffers from a heart disease. Unfortunately, the health issues get out of hand. A mysterious medical condition that escapes logic becomes a pretext, which opens a dialogue between the two conflicted spouses. To top it all off, the unexpected new situation starts to complicate the seemingly ideal relations between the two young fiancés.

Release information
Prześwity / Spaces Between

Directed by: Karolina Ford
Screenplay by: Karolina Ford
Cinematography by: Damian Daniłowicz, Natalia Miedziak
Production by: Karolina Ford
Cast: Maria Kowalik, Jerzy Peczewski, Delfina Wilkońska, and others.

‘Multimedia Happy End’ Film Festival in Częstochowa – An award for the best independent full-length film.