Na własne ryzyko

Directed by Piotr Grabowski

Na własne ryzyko/At Your Own Risk is a short film directed by Piotr Grabowski, but produced and filmed by Jacek Piotrowski from Grudziądz. It is a heart-breaking story about a father fighting to save the health of his son, but also touches on the issue of taking illegal drugs in sport.

For Piotr Grabowski, it was the second love affair with film directing – the first one happened in 2009, when he made a short film titled Kadisz znaczy modlitwa.

As for Jacek Piotrowski, a producer and cinematographer, he has been involved in independent film making for many years. He is also a scholarship holder, granted by the city of Grudziądz. The film features performance by Dariusz Bereski, an actor associated with the Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń, in the years 1997-2011, and currently with the Kujawsko-Pomorski Music Theatre.

The sport face of Grudziądz

In addition to many picturesque outdoor locations in Grudziądz used in the film, it was also shot in the interiors of training rooms in Miejski Klub Sportowy START (A Sports Club) located at ul. Konarskiego 36.


  • The Director of the film is normally an actor. He has appeared in numerous films and TV series, for example in Pitbull. Ostatni pies/Pitbull. The Last Dog, Listy Do M 3/Letters to Santa 3, Różyczka/The Little Rose, Środa czwartek rano/Wednesday, Thursday Morning, Francuski numer/The French Trick, Dzień świra/ ul. The Day of the Wacko, Rewers/The Reverse, Jack Strong, Niania, Plebania, Ojciec Mateusz, Wataha/The Pack, Fala zbrodni, Wojenne dziewczyny, Komisarz Alex, Ranczo/Ranch, Prawo Agaty, and Boża Podszewka.

Information on the film 

Na własne ryzyko / At Your Own Risk

Poland 2012, 14′

Directed by: Piotr Grabowski

Cinematography: Jacek Piotrowski

Producer: Jacek Piotrowski

Produced by: The School of Art and Design in Łódź

Cast: Robert Olech, Martyna Zaremba, Piotr Krawczuk, Ireneusz Kozioł, Artur Dziurman, Dariusz Bereski, and others.

Selected Awards

Tofifest IFF – The Golden Angel Main Prize in the Lokalizacje competition