List z rzeki

Directed by Jarosław Piskozub, Maciej Jasiński

In their short film, Jarosław Piskozub and Maciej Jasiński, two young film Directors from Bydgoszcz, created a nostalgic and reflective story of a man whose whirlwind of life has thrown onto a barge, and who travels alone up and down the Vistula River. The man who once hit the jackpot by winning a visa to go the USA, recalls us how much he lost by travelling to the other side of the ocean.


The film was shot at the mouth of the Brda River (Brdyujście) in Bydgoszcz-Łęgnowo.


  • List z rzeki/The Letter from the River and the simultaneously made short film Czarna niedziela/Black Sunday triumphed at many film festivals.

Information on the film

List z rzeki / The Letter from the River

Poland 2011, 5′

Direction / Screenplay / Cinematography / Editing: Jarosław Piskozub, Maciej Jasiński

Produced by: Bydgoska Kronika Filmowa (at the Municipal Cultural Centre in Bydgoszcz)

Selected Awards

Ogólnopolski Konkurs Filmów Niezależnych OKFA (The OKFA All-Poland Independent Film Competition) in Konin – 1st Prize; IX Konkurs Filmów Dokumentalnych 5 minut z życia codziennego (The 9th edition of the Documentary Film Festival 5 Minutes of Everyday Life) in Wągrowiec – 1st Prize; Przegląd Krótkich Form Filmowych (A Review of Short Films) in Białystok – Special Mention; the 15th edition of the ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA International Film Festival in Jelenia Góra; Bermuda Shorts in Mannheim – 1st Prize; the “10 Minutes” Festival in Poznan – 2nd Prize; the Żubroofka IFF in Białystok – 1st Prize in the Polish Film Competition; the Łapa Film Review – Special Mention; the International Festival of TV Reportage Camera Obscura – 1st Prize in the Panasonic Young Inventions section; and many others.

Important people

Jasiński Maciej and Piskozub Jarosław
Maciej Jasiński & Jarosław Piskozub

Jasiński Maciej and Piskozub Jarosław