Kydryński Lucjan

He was born on 6th January 1929, in Grudziądz. He was a journalist, commentator, master of ceremonies, and presenter.

His father Julian Kydryński was an academic teacher of Classical Studies and the German language, and his profession forced him to move from place to place. Back in 1929, he was staying in Grudziądz, where his youngest son Lucjan was born. Just one year later, in 1930, the whole Kydryński Family moved to Cracow. In 1951, Lucjan Kydryński graduated from journalism at the local Jagiellonian University. He then became a long-time columnist for Przekrój weekly news magazine. He was also hired as master of ceremonies to conduct numerous festivals and concerts. It was Lucjan Kydryński who announced performances of the greatest music of the 1960s and 1970s, for example: Marlena Dietrich, Charles Aznavour or Jacques Brel. He was also a long-time presenter during the National Festivals of Polish Song in Opole and the Sopot International Song Festivals.

In addition to his stage-related activities, Lucjan Kydryński was also involved in writing. He is an author of many books, including a monograph on George Gershwin, Johann Strauss, or the musical duo ‘Marek and Wacek’.

Lucjan Kydryński was also cast in episodic roles in three films. In 1965, he played the role of a master of ceremony in the legendary television series ‘Wojna domowa / War at Home’ directed by Jerzy Gruza. Three years later, in 1968, he played himself, as a master of ceremony during a National Festival of Polish Song in Opole, in the musical comedy ‘Przygoda z piosenką / Adventure with a Song’ directed by Stanisław Bareja. The third film featuring his performance was the comedy ‘Kłopotliwy gość / Troublesome Visitor’ directed by Jerzy Ziarnik.

He died on 9th September 2006, in Warsaw. He was interred at the Powązki Military Cemetery in Warsaw.


Selected Filmography

  • 1965 – ‘Wojna domowa / War at Home’, dir. by Jerzy Gruza (TV series)
  • 1968 – ‘Przygoda z piosenką / Adventure with a Song’, dir. by Stanisław Bareja
  • 1971 – ‘Kłopotliwy gość / Troublesome Visitor’, dir. by Jerzy Ziarnik