Directed by Rafał Kapeliński

The short film Konfident was based on a script inspired by the events which took place in the closest family of the film Director, following the publication of the so-called Wildstein List. It is a film about big political issues and our insignificant everyday lives, about truth and lies within families, and about love and loneliness.  The basic message it carries is stay mentally stable among all this havoc.

The Director commented “It is a very-sad comedy set in a nostalgic tone. The high dose of the grotesque is the product of the politics in the film. It is the most-difficult film I have made so far”.

Ciechocinek, Niestuszewo, Sierzchowo, and Toruń

The scenes in Konfident were filmed in various locations in Kujawsko-Pomorskie. In Ciechocinek, the shots were filmed mostly on ul. Wojska Polskiego, and also in the Kuyavian villages of Niestuszew and Sierzchowo, and on the runway at the airport in Toruń – the scene in which we see a group of ZOMO (Motorized Reserves of the Citizens’ Militia) soldiers training to prepare for suppressing anti-Government demonstrations.


  • One of the roles in the film was played by actor Andrzej Szewczak, who was cast in Emilka płacze/Emily Cries, a multi-award-winning film by Rafał Kapeliński, from 2006.
  • The last take was filmed at the airport in Toruń on 8th March 2010.
  • The film’s Director spent his childhood in Ciechocinek, and he still feels a sentimental attachment to it.

Information on the film

Konfident / The Informer

Poland 2011, 24′

Directed by: Rafał Kapeliński

Screenplay: Rafał Kapeliński

Cinematography: Paweł Dyllus

Music: Zbigniew Malecki, Igor Czerniawski

Produced by: Stowarzyszenie Filmowców Polskich, Studio Młodzi i Film im. Andrzeja Munka, Telewizja Polska, TVP Kultura, Aurora Film Production

Cast: Bogumiła Murzyńska, Wiesław Sławik, Kazimierz Mazur, Andrzej Szopa, Andrzej Szewczak, and others.

Selected Awards

The Gdynia Film Festival – nomination – participation in the Young Cinema Competition; The New Horizons IFF – nomination in the Polish Short Film Competition; Tofifest IFF – nomination – participation in the From Poland Competition

Important people

Kapeliński Rafał

Kapeliński Rafał