Kolorowe pończochy

Directed by Janusz Nasfeter

Kolorowe pończochy (Colourful Stockings), a film made by Janusz Ansfeter in 1960, is an amalgam of two short stories discussing a common topic, which is the level of cruelty which children show to other children.

Both parts of the film, which is described as a psychological work for young viewers, discuss the stories of two girls (the first is dedicated to Matylda, the other one to Jadźka) from poor families, which is the reason they are both mocked and ridiculed by their peers. Being subtle and filled with accurate psychological observations, the film depicts the problems and unfulfilled dreams of the two protagonists, and the little dramas growing in their heads.

The film features early screen performances by Gustaw Holoubek and Jan Machulski, two great Polish actors. They portrayed schoolteachers of Matylda and Jadźka. In addition, the film features a beautiful acting thread connected to Toruń. Matylda’s mum is portrayed by Helena Grossówna, an outstanding cinema star of the Polish pre-War cinema, who was born in Toruń – you can find more details about her in other sections.

A 200-metre-long step through Toruń

In one of the scenes, we can see the building of the contemporary District Court on ul. Piekary, where Matylda meets her friend Jacek. She is too afraid of him, and runs away, covering the distance of 200 metres to get to ulica Szewska.


  • The film was made in a non-standard, economical manner. At the time, colour film was a rarity, and colour stock was quite hard to come by.For that particular reason, the part devoted to Jadźka is in black and white, and the part about Matylda in colour. It is worth mentioning that in the same year Aleksander Ford filmed his Knights of the Teutonic Order (Polish Krzyżacy), in colour.
  • Halina Przybylska (the mother of Jadźka, in the film) was also temporarily connected with Toruń, as she performed at the Wilam Horzyca Theatre in the years 1963-1964.

Information on the film

Kolorowe pończochy / Colourful Stockings

Poland 1960, 65′

Directed by: Janusz Nasfeter

Screenplay: Janusz Nasfeter

Cinematography: Bogusław Lambach

Music: Adam Walaciński

Produced by: the Zespół Filmowy Studio

Cast: Part One Zofia Bodakowska, Helena Grossówna, Natalia Szymańska, Jan Machulski. Part Two Sylwia Lipczyńska, Gustaw Holoubek, Halina Przybylska, and others.

Important people

Grossówna Helena
Grossówna 3 nac

Grossówna Helena