Directed by Jędrzej Bączyk

Kojot is a story about a rebellious teenager, Adam, who is trying to find love. The boy wants to have his first sexual experience with a girl he has fallen in love with. When he finally finds her, he starts a punk-rock band to impress her.

Chełmża in Kojot

Nearly the whole of this short film by Jędrzej Bączyk was filmed in Chełmża. The film was shot not only on the municipal beach, but also in the charming narrow streets in the Old Town, and at a hangar belonging to ZHP (the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association), located on ul. Sądowa.


  • Jędrzej Bączyk is not only the film’s Director, but also a graphic designer and one of the musicians in the Paraliż Band.
  • This film was his Diploma project.
  • The crew spent 8 days shooting in Chełmża, three in Toruń, and one in Łódź.
  • When shooting in Pilon – the legendary counter-culture club in Toruń, a real punk-rock concert took place for the purpose of the film.
  • The work on Kojot ended in March 2010, and its post-production in April 2011.
  • The actors for the film – four boys – were cast from among students of schools in Łódź There were more than two thousand candidates participating in the casting, and the final four were selected from among the best 50 candidates.
  • The script for Kojot had 35 pages.

Information on the film


Poland 2013, 30’

Directed by: Jędrzej Bączyk

Screenplay: Jędrzej Bączyk

Cinematography: Tato Kotetishvili

Music: Jędrzej Bączyk

Produced by: PWSFTviT

Cast: Michał Kopczyński, Marcin Cichończyk, Piotr Zwierzchowski,
Dominik Smużny, Marek Kajdanek and others.

Selected Awards

The Two Riversides Film and Art Festival – 3rd prize in the Short Film Competition; Przegląd Studenckich Etiud „Klaps” (the Klaps Review of Students’ Short Films) in Turek – the Grand Prix and Audience Award; Krakow Film Festival – the Silver Hobby-Horse for the best short feature film; the CK OFF Festival of Independent Cinema in Przemyśl – special mention in the Students’ Cinema category, the Student Jury Award and Audience Award; the Festival Tous Courts in Aix-en-Provence – Grand Prix; Tofifest IFF – nomination in the International Short Film Competition.

Important people

Bączyk Jędrzej

Bączyk Jędrzej