Jabłonowo Pomorskie

Jabłonowo Pomorskie is a town located in the Chełmno Lake District. It was granted its municipal rights on 18th July 1962.

What is today the town of Jabłonowo Pomorskie used to be the old village of Sadlinki. The first written records to mention the settlement are the documents dating back to 1222, in which Duke Konrad I of Masovia granted lands to bishop Christian of Oliva. Later on, the settlements came under the rule of the Teutonic Knights, which continued for many long years. In 1871, a railway line was opened, which connected Toruń to Kaliningrad, and greatly influenced further development of the settlement. Its name was changed from Sadlinki to Jabłonowo during the interwar period. By force of the administrative reform from 1st August 1934, a commune of Jabłonowo was established.

Among the most important historic monuments still preserved in the town, there are the neo-Gothic palace and park complex completed in the 19th Century (which has served as a convent of the Sisters of the Divine Shepherd of Divine Providence since 1933), and two neo-Gothic religious buildings, namely the Saint Adalbert Church erected in the years 1859-1866, and the Christ the King Church built in the years 1907-1908.

Jabłonowo Pomorskie is the birthplace of Włodzimierz Skoczylas, a film and theatre actor and a long-time educator.

Important people

Skoczylas Włodzimierz
Skoczylas Wlodzimierz

Skoczylas Włodzimierz


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