Inowrocław is a city situated by the Noteć River, on the Inowrocław Plain, in the North-East part of the Wielkopolskie Lake District. Inowrocław, considered to be the capital of the region of Kujawy Zachodnie, has the status of a health resort. It is often called  a city built on salt, because it has rich deposits of rock-salt, which has been mined here since the Middle Ages, until the  Solino salt mine was closed down and flooded.

Inowrocław is one of the oldest cities in Poland. It was first mentioned in documents in 1185, where it was referred to as Novo Wladislaw. In 1238, Prince Kazimierz Konradowicz granted it borough rights. In ancient times, the Amber Road ran through here.

For many centuries, the city was the seat of Princes of Kujawy, and then, in the years 1466-1772, the capital of the Inowrocław Province, encompassing the North-West part of Kujawy. Among others, it included the following locations: Bydgoszcz, Solec Kujawski, Koronowo, Gniewkowo, Lipno, Dobrzyń, and Radziejów.

Beata Kawka, a Polish film and theatre actor, and a voice-over actor, is a graduate of the Jan Kasprowicz Secondary School, the oldest school of its type in the whole region of Kujawy Zachodnie. She made her theatre début in 1990, performing as Justyna in  Frederaszki, a play directed by Jan Englert.

Beata Kawka has appeared in numerous TV series, for example in “Belfer” shot in Chełmża, near Toruń, and in  “Prawo Agaty“, a TV series shot in Bydgoszcz.

Film director Tomasz Wasilewski, whom film critics often call  The hope of Polish cinema, was a student at that very-same secondary school. He lived in Inowrocław until he was 17, and during that time started dreaming about becoming an actor, which was manifested in many appearances on local independent theatre stages. In many of his interviews, he mentioned his Polish teacher Elżbieta Piniewska, saying that he owed her a lot, as she was the one to infect him with love for the arts and involved him in an avant-garde theatre group called  Sto.

In 2012, Tomasz Wasilewski made his début film, entitled  In the Bedroom.

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Kawka Beata
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Kawka Beata

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