Harvest of Love

Directed by Marek Żydowicz

The film tells the story of a 14-year-old boy from an average, middle-class family living in an impoverished neighborhood of a large city. A family that seems to be stable, but in which, however, there are constantly some little wars taking place, crimes are committed that no one notices, no one tries to stop, and which no one judges. The same thing happens at school and in the boy’s family surroundings.
All of this happens under the guise of love, sympathy for him, or concern for his welfare. And this leads to a tragedy…

Region in the film

The Old Town in Toruń; The Tenement Houses at / in ul. Warszawska; Primary School No. 1 in Toruń; The Church of Saint James in Toruń; Na Skarpie Housing Estate in Toruń; The park in Bydgoskie Przedmieście (Bydgoskie Outskirts) in Toruń; The Lutheran Church at the New Town Market in Toruń; The Brickyard in the Fordon District in Bydgoszcz.


Information on the film

Harvest of Love
Poland 2001, 95′

Directed by: Marek Żydowicz

Screenplay: Marek Żydowicz

Cinematography: Remigiusz Zawadzki

Music: Marek Żebrowski

Editing: Michał Prewysz-Kwinto, Ewa Piaskowska, Cezary Kowalczuk

Producer: Marek Żydowicz

Produced by: Fundacja Tumult

Cast: Jolanta Teska, Włodzimierz Maciudziński, Piotr Kosobucki, Maria Kierzkowska, Zofia Melechówna, Marek Milczarczyk


Selected awards

2002 – Poznań (Międzynarodowy Festiwal Filmów Młodego Widza “Ale Kino!”)
A honorary mention for the courage and determination in portraying a difficult topic that is rarely raised.

Important people

Żydowicz Marek
Marek Żydowicz zdjęcie

Żydowicz Marek

Zawadzki Remigiusz
Remigiusz Zawadzki_foto

Zawadzki Remigiusz