Gniewkowo is a small town located along the route between Inowrocław and Toruń.

Archaeological findings have confirmed that there was once an Early Medieval settlement established at that location. It is assumed that Gniewkowo was granted its borough rights sometime between the years 1268 and 1287, under the rule of Duke Siemomysł.

The most prominent historical building in Gniewkowo is a parish church under the invocation of Saint Nicholas and Constantina, which dates back to the 14th Century. The parish in Gniewkowo was first mentioned in documents in 1303. The church that remains today was converted in the 18th Century by adding a wooden baroque tower topped with a dome, and a small steeple. During the repair work, some baroque elements were also added to the interior.

The town has preserved its original urban arrangement to this very day, with a rectangular market square in the middle that still features a tenement house dating back to the 18th Century amidst the rather eclectic building development. Furthermore, there is a Neo-Romantic synagogue building from 1880 still preserved in the town, which now serves as a sports arena.

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