Forgotten Symphony

Directed by Leszek Ciechoński

In 1998, Marek Żebrowski, a Polish composer working in Hollywood, visited nearly ninety-year-old Elżbieta Wars, widow of Henryk Wars – the creator of music for many pre-war Polish film and cabaret hits. While browsing the composer’s memorabilia, he came across a pile of written sheets of music paper. He went to the piano and played… The pile of music paper turned out to be a recording of a classical symphony – classical music completely unsuited to Wars, the creator of popular music. And yet it was Wars… Wars that no one knew… Marek Żebrowski devoted another 6 years of his work to this discovery. The premiere of the symphony took place at the Łódź Philharmonic on June 7, 2005. The orchestra was conducted by Krzesimir Dębski, while Marek Żebrowski performed a piano concert. On the occasion of the symphony’s premiere, the children of Henryk Wars, Danuta and Robert, today in their seventies, came to Poland. The siblings were accompanied by Mrs. Irena Anders, the general’s wife, Wars’ songs performer and member of his military band. It is a sentimental journey with a camera through places related to Henryk Wars intertwined with a story about a great discovery…


Region in the film
Toruń – zbór ewangelicki na Rynku Nowomiejskim, Ciechocinek – XIX  Teatr Letni

Information on the film

Forgotten Symphony
Poland 2001, 20′

Directed by: Leszek Ciechoński

Screenplay: Leszek Ciechoński

Cinematography: Adam Zdunek, Ryszard Więcek, Robert Neumann

Music: Henryk Wars

Editing: Michał Prewysz-Kwinto

Producer: Marek Żydowicz

Produced by: Fundacja Tumult





Important people

Żydowicz Marek
Marek Żydowicz zdjęcie

Żydowicz Marek