Excentrycy, czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy

Directed by Janusz Majewski

This fantastic, warm-hearted, comedy was directed by Janusz Majewski in 2015, in outdoor locations in the Province of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, for example in the health resort of Ciechocinek, and partly in Toruń and Nieszawa.

Excentrycy, czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy (Eccentricity, or on the sunny side of the street) takes us back to the 1950s, which was a very difficult time in the modern history of Poland. The Stalinist era in Poland is drawing to a close, a thaw is in progress, but the country remains gloomy and grey. At the same time, an immigrant brings to life something which the Communist rulers condemned to oblivion in the sad reality of the country.  It is the joy of life and music.

The musical leitmotif of the film is the song On the Sunny Side of the Street, the lyrics of which, according to the film Director himself, “(…) call for the listener to leave their sorrows behind, step out of the shadow, and walk on the sunny side of the street”.

Ciechocinek, Toruń, and Nieszawa

The shooting in Ciechocinek, Toruń, and Nieszawa took place in April 2015.
The majority of the outdoor locations and the interiors of various buildings were found in Ciechocinek, i.e.

  • In the bandshell located in Zdrojowy Park, which was used as one of the stages seen in the film during a big-band concert.
  • The legendary Bristol restaurant in Zdrojowy Park and the post-modern post office building on ul. Warzelniana, as well as ul. Piłsudskiego and ul. Kopernika.
  • The scene of the arrival of Fabian Apanowicz (Maciej Stuhr), the main protagonist, was filmed at the railway station in Ciechocinek.
  • The beautiful lounge of Spa Hospital No. 1 at Aleja Armii Krajowej became the scenery seen in the ball scene in Baths No. 4.
  • The Kameralna restaurant was “played” by the building of Przedsiębiorstwo Uzdrowisko Ciechocinek S.A. situated at ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 10.
  • The scenes in Toruń were shot in the Old Town Market and in the Arthus House Centre of Culture, in the Great Hall of which Fabian gave his big concert. The scene in which the two protagonists (Fabian and Modesta) take a ferry to go across the Vistula Rivers was filmed in the beautiful scenery of Nieszawa.


  • Initially, the role of Modesta was written for Joanna Kulig, but the actress broke her leg on set for the O mnie się nie martw (I don’t worry about me) TV series, shortly before shooting for Excentrycy. She was substituted by Natalia Rybicka.
  • In the film, both the Arthus House and the Old Town Market, as well as Toruń itself, “played themselves”. This is confirmed by the words Fabian speaks to the audience of the film big-band concert, which takes place “in Toruń”.
  • Over 500 extras were involved in the making of the film.
  • Wojciech Pszoniak, who played Felicjan Zuppe in the film, has his own star on the promenade with its own Walk of Fame, in Ciechocinek.
  • Near the main graduation tower mentioned in the book on which the script was based there is the House of Mrs Bayer, the character portrayed by Anna Dymna in the film.
  • Włodzimierz Kowalewski, the author of the novel Excentrycy, located the apartment rented by Modesta, Fabian’s beloved, in the Konstancja Villa.
  • In the film, we can see the Dance Ensemble of the Students of the School Centre for Practical Training and Continuing Education No. 1 in Aleksandrów Kujawski, and members of the Wrzos Song and Dance Ensemble from Włocławek.
  • The film was also shot in Konstancin and Warsaw.
  • The filming lasted from 17th March 2015 to 2nd May 2015.
  • A month before the official première of the film, there was a closed screening for the audience, commemorating the 30th anniversary of the Municipal Culture Centre in Ciechocinek.

Information on the film

Excentrycy, czyli po słonecznej stronie ulicy / Eccentricity, or on the sunny side of the street

Poland 2015, 108′

Directed by: Janusz Majewski

Screenplay: Janusz Majewski, Włodzimierz Kowalewski

Cinematography: Adam Bajerski

Music: Wojciech Karolak

Producer: Włodzimierz Niderjasu

Produced by: Wytwórnia Filmów Dokumentalnych i Fabularnych (The Warsaw Documentary Film Studio)

Cast: Maciej Stuhr, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Natalia Rybicka, Anna Dymna, Wojciech Pszoniak, and others.

Selected Awards

The Gdynia Film Festival – An award for supporting male character; the Golden Kangaroo Award of the Australian Film Distributors for the Film Producer; the Polish Film Award: Eagles in the Best Music, Best Sound, Best Supporting Female Character, and Best Supporting Male Character, categories; nomination for the Best Film, Best Production Design, Best Male Character; the Festival of Film and Theatre in Zielona Góra – an award for the Best Supporting Female Character; the International Historical And Military Film Festival – Special Mention in the Feature Film Competition; Festiwal Reżyserii Filmowej (The Film Directing Festival) in Głogów – The Golden Boar Award for Janusz Majewski; Seattle Polish Film Festival – The Viewers Choice Award (3rd place); and others.