Disco Polo

Directed by Maciej Bochniak

This film by Maciej Bochniak is dedicated to the phenomenon of  Disco Polo music in Poland. The dynamic narrative in the film takes you on a journey into the world of young and talented musicians, who conquer pop-music charts in a daring way.
It is also a story about the state of mind of the Polish people at the very beginning of the free-market era, when everything seemed possible.

The cast in the film featured film stars of the young generation, for example Dawid Ogrodnik, Piotr Głowacki, and Joanna Kulig. In supporting roles, we see  Disco Polo musicians, such as singer Tomasz Niecik, leader of Classic, and Robert Klatt and Radosław Liszewski, both members of Weekend.

Piechcin, Bożejewiczki, Niwy

The film was made in the period from 6th August 2014 to September 2014.
All the scenes in outdoor locations were filmed in several places around Kujawsko-Pomorskie, i.e. in Piechcin, Bożejewiczki near Żnin, and Niwy near Bydgoszcz.

Located in Pałuki near Pakość, the Jurassic limestone pit in Piechcin is shown in the very-first scene in the film, when a group of oil miners dig down to an oil deposit.

Silverado City amusement park in Bożejewiczki is situated near Żnin.
In Silverado City, the film crew shot many scenes for the film, including the one in which the main protagonists come in their car to a big amusement park, which in the film symbolises the world of Disco-Polo show business.

Supplementary to the scenes shot at Silverado City were the outdoor locations located in the small town of Niwy, including a hotel centre built along National Road 5, which connects Bydgoszcz, Świecie, and Gdańsk, and goes past Niwy.


  • In two months following its première, the film was watched by over 840,000 viewers.
  • Soundtrack to the film was released on 15th March 2015, as a CD disc containing reinterpretations of songs performed by such  Disco Polo groups as Akcent, Boys, Weekend , and Classic. The songs were performed by Dawid Ogrodnik and Piotr Głowacki, pretending to be a band named Laser, by Rafał Maćkowiak as a vocalist in Atomic, and by Joanna Kulig as Gensonina.
  • Piechcin is the only place in the region and one of the few places in Northern Poland to have Jurassic limestone previously found only in Kraków-Częstochowa Upland (also known as the Polish Jurassic Highland or Polish Jura). The excavation of limestone deposits started as early as in 1860, and soon the mine was surrounded by cement and lime factories. Thanks to the presence of lime, the little lake in Piechcin has the same colour as the Adriatic Sea in Croatia.
  • In addition, the film was shot in Łeba and Warszawa.

Information on the film

Disco Polo

Poland 2015, 103′

Directed by: Maciej Bochniak

Screenplay: Maciej Bochniak, Mateusz Kościukiewicz

Cinematography: Tomasz Naumiuk

Music: Paweł Lucewicz, Michał Nosowicz

Producer: Stanisław Tyczyński

Produced by: Alvernia Studios

Cast: Dawid Ogrodnik, Piotr Głowacki, Tomasz Kot, Joanna Kulig, Aleksandra Hamkało, Jacek Koman, Jacek Chabior, and others.

Selected Awards

“The Young and Cinema” Koszalin Debut Film Festival – The Jantar Grand Prix Award for cinematography and nomination for the participation in the Main Competition; Netia Off Camera – nomination for the participation in the Polish Feature Film competition; Hollywood Eagle Awards – nomination for the participation in the Main Competition; and others.


Important people

Głowacki Piotr

Głowacki Piotr