Directed by Maciej Dutkiewicz

In this action TV series is set in the reality of contemporary Poland, we see a story of Elżbieta Ginter (portrayed by Magdalena Cielecka), an ambitious prosecutor, and Witold Kosmala (portrayed by Piotr Fronczewski), an ageing police commissioner.
The first season (2003, 4 episodes) focuses on an investigation into the collapse of a number of banks in Warsaw. At first, both protagonists are not too fond of each other, but as the scale of the scandal they are looking into unfolds, they develop a line of communication. In the second season (2006, 5 episodes), Elżbieta Ginter gives up her career in the prosecutor’s office.
Journalist Andrzej Krauze, who Elżbieta Ginter was supposed to marry, is killed in mysterious circumstances. The ex-prosecutor asks Witold Kosmala, who in the meantime retired and got holed up in the countryside, to assist her in casting some light on the case. 

Brodnica and the Brodnica Lake District on a film set

To film the second season of the series, director Maciej Dutkiewicz chose a number of locations in Brodnica, and shot scenes in such locations as the Market Square, the Chełmińska Gate, and ul. Zduńska, while the town hall on ul. Kamionka became the District Prosecutor’s Office in the film. The film crew also paid a visit to the picturesque area of the Brodnica Lake District in Górzno, to the Traczyska settlement located in the Górzno-Lidzbark Landscape Park, and to the towns of Anielewo and Tama Brodzka, located within the Brodnica Landscape Park. The film was shot in 2004. 


 ⦁ The title song composed for the series is performed by Ryszard Rynkowski, who has lived in Zbiczno, in the Brodnica Lake District, for many years.

The title of the series is a reference to the so-called Einhorn genetic disorder, a theory, according to which five percent of the human population has a genetic structure making them immune to corruption and relentless in pursuing their goals. That is exactly the “defect” that prosecutor Ginter has.

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Poland 2003-2014, TV series 

Directed by: Maciej Dutkiewicz

Screenplay: Maciej Dutkiewicz, Michał Komar

Cinematography: Bogdan Stachurski

Music: Jerzy Satanowski 

Produced by: Telewizja Polska