Bączyk Jędrzej

Born in 1983 in Toruń, Bączyk is a Director, a scriptwriter, a graphic designer and a musician. In 2005, he majored in Graphic Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, and in 2011 he graduated from the Direction Department of the Leon Schiller State Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź. He is the author of critically acclaimed short narrative and documentary films. His picture entitled Dzienniki z Niebieskiej Szkoły/The Blue School Diaries is a portrait of a group of young people during a cruise on the Atlantic Ocean. Agor Dromesko. U kresu wędrówki/Agor Dromesko. At the End of Way, available on the NINATEKA online platform, depicts the Bulgarian Romani people who are trying to organise their life and adapt to a settled lifestyle after being forced to leave their railroad cars.

Bączyk also created an interesting film entitled Portret Śledzia/The Portrait of Śledź, which portrays one of the best Polish comic book artists, Michał “Śledź” Śledziński. He has also received various awards for his pictures entitled Meles, Meles and Lot Marzeń/The Flight of Dreams.

Jędrzej Bączyk is a member of a reggae group called Paraliż Band. In 2015, he launched a solo musical project, Pan Jędras, which so far has produced two albums.

He co-runs Shipsboy, a production company, in which he serves as an Artistic Director. Shipsboy became famous after producing a unique documentary series entitled Portrety wojenne/Wartime Portraits, currently licensed by Netflix.

Selected filmography

  • 2005 – „Zielony”/„Green”
  • 2005 – „Portret śledzia”/„The Portrait of Śledź”
  • 2006 – „Upiór”/„Spectre”
  • 2008 – „Meles, Meles”
  • 2010 – „Wystarczy zachować spokój”/„Just Keep Calm”
  • 2011 – „Outsiderzy”/„Outsiders”
  • 2012 – „Kojot”/„Coyote”
  • 2015 – „Dzienniki z niebieskiej szkoły”/„The Blue School Diaries”

Selected awards and distinctions

Nomination for the Golden Lions Award – participation in the Young Cinema Competition – the Gdynia Film Festival; nomination for and participation in the Polish Short Film Competition (Kojot/Coyote and Meles, Meles) – the New Horizons International Film Festival; nomination for and participation in the Actors’ Film Competition (Kojot/Coyote) – Ale Kino! Festival; 3rd place in the Independent Short Film Competition (Kojot/Coyote) – the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival; the Silver Lajkonik Award for Best Feature Film (Kojot/Coyote) – the Kraków Film Festival; nomination for and participation in the Shortcut Competition (Kojot/Coyote) – the TOFIFEST International Film Festival, etc.

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Directed by Jędrzej Bączyk

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Directed by Jędrzej Bączyk

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