Andrzej Nejman

Andrzej Nejman, actor, director and TV presenter, born on 5 November 1974 in Wloclawek, Poland. Known for his portrayal of Waldek in the popular TV series, Złotopolscy. Currently director of the Edward Dziewoński Theatre Kwadrat in Warsaw.

Andrzej Nejman’s acting career started when he was 8, with the Rozalka Olaboga (1984) TV series, in which he played Felek Miecuch. In 1996 he appeared on the silver screen in Matka swojej Matki (Mother of Her Own Mother) Dir. Robert Gliński. That same year Nejman also starred in Szamanka (The Shaman) accompanied, among others, by Bogusław Linda, Agnieszka Wagner and Paweł Deląg.

From 1997 onwards, he was part of one of Polish Television’s most-popular TV series Złotopolscy, where he played Waldek Złotopolski. It was through this particular TV series, shot until 2010, that he rose to prominence in Poland. Andrzej Nejman is also known for his roles in other TV series: Sposób na Alcybiadesa (How to Crack Alcybiades), Tylko miłość  (Only Love), Naznaczony (Marked), Nowa (The New One), Lekarze (Medics), Prawo Agaty (True Law) or Daleko od noszy. Reanimacja (Off the Stretcher. Reanimation), and in films, e.g. the well-known Poranek Kojota (The Coyote’s Morning) (2001) Dir. Olaf Lubaszenko, where he featured as Witek, Kuba’s friend, and 1409. Afera na zamku Bartenstein (1409. The Bartenstein Castle Affair) (2005), a comedy about Teutonic knights, shot in Toruń and Golub-Dobrzyń. In subsequent years, Nejman appeared in several productions including Legenda (Legend) (2005), Szaleńcy (Madmen) (2007), 7 minut (7 Minutes) (2010), and Od pełni do pełni (It’s a Perfect Night for a Suicide) (2012).

He is also known for his dubbing skills, as he lent his voice, among others, to the protagonists of the Tarzan (1999) animation, Knight Rodrigo in El Cid: The Legend (2003), and Horatio in Gulliver’s Travels (2010).

In 1998 he started working at the Kwadrat Theatre in Warsaw, to become the head of the institution 12 years later. In 2013, Andrzej Nejman made his debut as a theatre director with a play entitled Ciotka Karola 3.0 (Charley’s Aunt 3.0). The performance received the Audience Award at the TALIA 2014 Comedy Festival in Tarnów.

He also worked as a TV presenter, hosting several shows, including Krzyżówka 13-latków (Crossword Puzzles for 13 Year-Olds) (2000) on TVP2 , Szalona aukcja (Crazy Auction) (2007) on TVP1, Ludzie listy piszą (People Write Letters) on TV Polonia, and his signature audition KOZA for Channel 3 of the Polish Radio.

Selected filmography

  • 1984 – „Rozalka Olaboga” (TV series)
  • 1996 – „Szamanka”/„The Shaman” dir. Andrzej Żuławski
  • 1996 – „Matka swojej Matki”/„Mother of Her Own Mother” dir. Robert Gliński
  • 1997-2010 – „Złotopolscy” (TV series)
  • 1997 – „Sposób na Alcybiadesa”/„How to Crack Alcybiades” (TV series)
  • 1998 – „Spona” dir. Waldemar Szarek
  • 2001 – „Poranek Kojota”/„The Coyote’s Morning” dir. Olaf Lubaszenko
  • 2005 – „Legenda”/„Legend” dir. Mariusz Pujszo
  • 2005 – „1409. Afera na zamku Bartenstein”/„1409. The Bartenstein Castle Affair” dir. Rafał Buks and Paweł Czarzasty
  • 2007-2009 – „Tylko miłość”/„Only Love” (TV series)
  • 2010 – „7 minut”/„7 Minutes” dir. Maciej Odoliński
  • 2012 – „Od pełni do pełni”/„It’s a Perfect Night for a Suicide” dir. Tomasz Szafrański
  • 2017 – „Daleko od noszy. Reanimacja”/„Off the Stretcher. Reanimation” (TV series)


1409 – afera na zamku Bartenstein
Afera 3

1409 – afera na zamku Bartenstein

Directed by Rafał Buks, Paweł Czarzasty

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1409 – afera na zamku Bartenstein
Zdjęcie ilustracja

1409 – afera na zamku Bartenstein

Directed by Rafał Buks, Paweł Czarzasty

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